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Lamp Oil & Accessories

Lamp oil, coloured tints for oil and oil lamp wicks.
  • How to use oil lamps

    How to use Lamps and Pure Refined Lamp Oil.

    1. Lamp Oil. Our pure refined lamp oil is very clean and long burning. It is impossible

    to give an accurate burning time as much will depend on the size of the wick etc. However

    as a very rough guide about .05 of a litre will burn about 1 hour, so it is a very economical

    way of giving out a warm flickering light. Pour it carefully into your oil lamps, we sell

    a small plastic funnel which makes it easier.

    2. Wicks. Candles on the web sell a variety of wick for oil lamps. Make sure

    that the wick is always dry. It should be about 2-3mm above the wick holder. This is not

    arbitrary but gives an idea. You will soon see once lit if the lamp is burning with too small

    or large a flame. Every now and again if carbon has accumulated on the top trim it slightly. If you find this difficult threading a new wick through its container stiffen it by wrapping celloptape around the top. Make sure you remove the celloptape before you light the lamp!

    3. Coloured Lamp Oil. Since 2009 the EU has forbidden the sale of coloured lamp oil

    in bottles. However we sell small bottles of coloured tints which are great, especially since

    you can mix the colours.

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