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Candles on the Web Ltd.
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This section contains accessories, dinner candles, church candles, nightlights, beeswax, handmade, extra large, astrology, Feng Shui, floating candles, gel wax candles, gold & silver candles and more - everything in wax not included in categories below.
Church & Ivory Pillar
In an amazing variety of sizes - classic creamy coloured candles. If you want several of a size it is worth looking at our 'bulk discount' section - you will save £sss!!
Coloured Pillar Candles
High quality Pillar Candles in a choice of colours. If you cannot see the colour you require, please call us and ask! We may have just what you are looking for!
Night Lights - T Lights
Selection of T lights in different sizes, burning times and pack quntitiies.
Dinner Candles
Tapered, self-fitting, straight-sided dinner candles.
Electric Candles
'Candles' operated by batteries
Beeswax Candles
All in pure and natural beeswax - handmade in Britain.
Large and 3 Wick Candles
All extra large & multi-wick
Candles in Glasses
Plain and other candles in rounded glass.
Square & Rectangular & Ball Candles
Plain and other candles in square and rectangular shapes.
Unscented Decorated Candles
Other decorated unscented candles.
Gold & Silver Candles
Gold & Silver for Christmas, weddings...
Novelty Candles
Some of the most individual and unique candles in our ranges. From fruit sundaes and beer candles to amazing dragons and animals - including our ever popular amazingly realistic elephant candle.

Religious Candles
Candles with religious pictures.
Astrology Candles
Another Candlesontheweb exclusive! Pillar candles with various Star signs on.
Shop Entrance > CANDLES