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Pure Refined Clear Paraffin Lamp OilPure Refined Clear Paraffin Lamp Oil Ref: 126

Pure highly refined clear paraffin lamp oil in one litre bottles. Due to new EU regulations the lamp oil now comes in a black bottle.

We are not allowed to sell coloured paraffin lamp oil in one lite bottles, but you can add your own coloured tints! See below!

Price: 3.99


Coloured Tints for Lamp OilColoured Tints for Lamp Oil Ref: 337

Just add a few drops of these tints into your clear oil and colour it yourself. You can mix the colours.
Price: 0.99



Wick without Collar for Oil LampsWick without Collar for Oil Lamps Ref: 105

Replacement wick for oil lamps. Approx 4mm wide.
Price: 0.75


Wick with Aluminium CollarWick with Aluminium Collar Ref: 114

Wick with an aluminium collar for oil lamps. Metal collar at widest is 1.2cm and the part that goes down into the oil lamps is 5mm in diameter.

Price: 1.65


Fibreglass Wick Encased in Glass For Oil LampsFibreglass Wick Encased in Glass For Oil Lamps Ref: 10033

A glass encased replacement fibreglass wick for our decorative oil lamps. Available for small round, large round, small flat and large flat. Please select the appropriate option.
Price: 3.00



Quarter Inch Flat Lamp WickQuarter Inch Flat Lamp Wick Ref: 170

A half metre length of quarter inch flat wick for use with oil and paraffin lamps.
Price: 1.50


Shop Entrance > LAMP OIL & LAMPS > Lamp Oil & Accessories