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How to save old wax and make wax melts.

So you have spent a fortune on that special scented candle, and now you are left with a useless glass with some wax at the bottom.  It is really easy to remove the wax and make wax melts from the residue.
You will need
1. A spent scented candle in a glass.
2. A double saucepan or metal bowl over a saucepan of hot water.
3. A mould for the wax melts, anything will do ice cube tray, bun tin or cake tin.
1st Step.
a.  Remove the old wax.
i)   Place the glass in a bowl of warm water and wait until it has heated up a little, This is to prevent the glass cracking in the next step.
ii)  Take the warm glass and and pour a really hot water on top on the wax residue.
candle end in glass        wax floating to top       candle end
The next bit is fun!    Watch as the wax left in the gently floats  to the top of the glass.  You may have to prod the edge slightly first to encourage it to rise.  Remove the wax stub with a spoon and place on a kitchen towel to dry.
b. Make your wax melt.
i)  Melt the wax residue in a  double saucepan. Remove the wick sustainer and what remains of the wick.
ii) Pour into your  mould.  You can use ice moulds, as I have done here, or bun tins or foils.
   melting the candle endtin foil mould for floating cand  Pouring wax into mould
iii) Wait until fully set and then  remove it  from the mould.
iv)  Place on your oil burner, place a T light in the oil  burner, and light it.

c.  Enjoy your favourite scent again as it refreshes your room.  It is such a waste throwing all that expensive residue away!   Here it the wax melt on our yellow oil burner now on sale at only £2.00!
oil burner with wax melt

Do watch our video on how to do it!


Oil Burners

Oil burners went out of fashion for a while, but seem to be regaining their popularity.    We are really pleased, as they are great not only for diffusing scented oils but also for gently melting scented wax melts.  We are having a grand SALE of oil burners at the moment and several models are available at only £2,00 each!!  Some of them are on the site at 75% off!
moon oil burnerGreen Glass oil burner green glass agtomiserjewel oil burner

Use with scented or essential oils.
Pour a little water into the oil burner and drip a few drops of your oil on the water.   Place a tea light under the oil burner and the water and oil will vapourise and fill your room with delicious scent.   Choose a scent you love, lavender for relaxation, chamomile to calm you, but of course scent is very evocative and personal so what scent you love best will depend on you!
Use with wax melts or candle tarts.
Place the wax melt, also known as a wax tart, in the top of the oil burner.   Put a T light in the
base and light it.  The heat from the T light will gently melt the wax and release the scent into your room.   To clean the oil burner after use I recommend putting it in the fridge and the wax should then just fall out when it is really cold.
Using Oil Burners Safely
Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Only using a 4-5 hour T light, as a larger T light may not have enough room to burn safley. This will depend on the size of your oil burner and how much air can get to the candle.

So take advantage of our amazing offers and infuse your house with wonderful scents!