Don’t put your candles in the fridge!

Putting your candle in the Fridge is NOT a good idea.


The theory is that if you put your candle in the fridge or freezer you will increased its burning time.  Sadly, this not the case.  A candle is not more than a very carefully controlled fire.  The wax is designed to burn at a specific temperature and the wick is chosen so that the wick will burn the wax at an optimum ratio.  So what can go wrong.

  1.  If you put the candle in the freezer it may well crack.
  2.  If the candle is perfumed the scent in the candle may migrate that instead of being evenly distributed around the wax it can move to the sides and top.
    cracked candle fridge

So now you have risked cracking and the scent being ruined and do not mind either is it still worth trying?

Sadly, not.   Basically candles burn slowly.  The only part of the candle which matters is that part which is closest to the wick being burnt at the top.  Once lit wax around the wick will soon reach its normal room temperature.  As the candle to continues to burn down the area of wax that is being burnt will been warmed up to its original temperature ages ago.  It only takes a couple of moments
for the heat from the flame to warm your icy candle to room temperature.
So The few extra minutes of burn time that you might get from putting a candle in the refrigerator isn’t much, and really isn’t worth the effort.

So it is back to basics!  Your candles will burn for longer if you love them and care for them.  Trim their wicks, keep them out of draughts, put them out correctly and burn them for the right amount of time.  Please see our blog on candle burning.

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