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Citronella oil helps repellent insects, although it should be said that although they help keep the mozzies away they are only about 45% effective and should be used with other repellents if you need to be 100% sure of not getting bitten!    Citronella candles are blended with oil from citronella, a grass native to Asia.
Citronella candles are usually yellow, citronella is yellow and some manufacturers companies dye their candles.  They have a strong lemon like scent which is not unpleasant.    We do not recommend any of our citronella candles for indoor use.  The scent tends to be very strong and all our Citronella products are designed to be used in your gardens, patios etc.citronella t lights

If you are having lots of people around or are trying to keep mosquitoes away from an outdoor event such as a wedding we suggest using several candles. A really effective way of doing this is to use citronella T lights we sell in bulk discount cases of 50 for only £7.25   You can use any non flammable container, jam jars, or our small basic votive holder.

I recently gave a party and used old jam jars with citronella t lights which I hung from the branches of a tree. I used a mat ribbon which I tied tightly round the neck of the jar and a loop of green plastic covered garden wire. I then twisted the ends of the wire to make a secure hanging loop.Candle jam jar

We also sell filled hanging citronella glasses a small filled votive holder for only .85p  plus some other filled pots so we have a great choice.

So brighten up your barbecues and enjoy the outdoor life with less chance of  your events being plagues by those irritating biting mosquitos.














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