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Citronella Candles

Citronella Candle Pots

Citronella oil helps repellent insects, although it should be said that although they help keep the mozzies away they are only about 45% effective and should be used with other repellents if you need to be 100% sure of not getting bitten!    Citronella candles are blended with oil from citronella, a grass native to Asia.
Citronella candles are usually yellow, citronella is yellow and some manufacturers companies dye their candles.  They have a strong lemon like scent which is not unpleasant.    We do not recommend any of our citronella candles for indoor use.  The scent tends to be very strong and all our Citronella products are designed to be used in your gardens, patios etc.citronella t lights

If you are having lots of people around or are trying to keep mosquitoes away from an outdoor event such as a wedding we suggest using several candles. A really effective way of doing this is to use citronella T lights we sell in bulk discount cases of 50 for only £7.25   You can use any non flammable container, jam jars, or our small basic votive holder.

I recently gave a party and used old jam jars with citronella t lights which I hung from the branches of a tree. I used a mat ribbon which I tied tightly round the neck of the jar and a loop of green plastic covered garden wire. I then twisted the ends of the wire to make a secure hanging loop.Candle jam jar

We also sell filled hanging citronella glasses a small filled votive holder for only .85p  plus some other filled pots so we have a great choice.

So brighten up your barbecues and enjoy the outdoor life with less chance of  your events being plagues by those irritating biting mosquitos.














Pond Candles

One of the most exciting ways of making a venue unique is to use candles on a lake or a pond.   You get wonderful reflections  in the water and I have seen them at outdoor wedding receptions where they make a wonderful addition to the atmosphere.
floating pond candles

There are three ways of doing this:-
1. Buy pond candles online.  These are especially large floating candles made especially for use on water.
2. Make your own!  You will need
a. A mould. Use tin foil cake tins, or a small metal bowl

metal bowl for floating candle tin foil mould for floating cand

b.  A cooking thermometer
c.  Double saucepan or metal bowl over a saucepan of wagter
d.  About 200 gramms wax and stearin mix, or 180gms of paraffin wax with 20gms of stearin added.
e.  Wick, the size will depend on the width of the mold you are using but I would suggest about 60mm or 2.5″.
a.   Heat the wax to 180F in your double boiler or metal bowl over water.
b. Take a length of wick and dip it in the wick, take it out and pull it straight.
This is called ‘priming’ the wick and will ensure that it is ready waxed and stiff.
c.  Pour about 10mm or 1/4″ of wax in to the base of the mould.  Wait until it is almost set then push one end of the wick down into the centre of the wax.
d. Place a stick of across the top of the mould (a chop stick is ideal), and fold the wick gently over it.
e.  Pour in wax to the top of the mould at 180F.
f.   When it is nearly set prick the surface to expose any air bubbles.
g.  Top it up with hot wax at 180f.
h. When completely set take it out of the mould.
3. Float T lights in foil containers.
T light floating foil container

So light up your water and your event!








Use Church Candles Outside

Because church candles are made of harder wax and have larger wicks than pillar candles they are ideal for burning outside.  Of course it is really important that they are placed securely into a container.  I had great fun designing this project which uses church candles in a terracotta plant pot to give a dramatic and safe display.  This project is ONLY suitable for outside use, please do not try it inside as church candles tend to smoke unless their wicks are kept scrupulously trimmed, and burning several of them together is not a good idea candles alight in potYou will need:- 
1. A selection of 7 2″ diameter church candles. I chose 6″ x 2″, 9″ x 2″ and 12″ x 2″.
2. An oblong terracotta pot
3. Some ivy.
4. Some sand (earth will do just as well).
1st Step

church candle with ivy
Pour about 15 cm of earth or sand into the terracotta pot. You need a decent depth to give height and also to ensure that the candles are firmly fixed.
2nd Step

terracotta pot for candles
Damped the earth or sand with water.  This will ensure  that the ivy does not dry out and that the candles will sit securely.
3rd step
ivy for church candles
Place some ivy  cuttings in the soil or sand. It looks good when you leave some draping over the edge of the pot.
4th Step
placing church candles in pot
Place the candles in the pot. This picture is a little misleading as the candles would really be at least 2cm apart as in the picture at the top of this page.  It does’t matter so much of course when candles are being burnt outside, but if placed too close together they will drip horribly!
Please make sure that you put the post somewhere where it will be safe from being knocked over, away from inflammable material hanging leaves) and that the display is not within the reach of children.

Finally light the candles and brighten up your barbeque!



Light paths at events with candle flares

Flares and bamboo torches are perfect for those special outdoor summer occassions. Why not decorate our garden torches with roses to lighten up the
paths to your wedding venue?
                                                        Garden torch for WeddingGarden torch for WeddingGarden torch for Weddingbamboo torch replacement wick

We sell replacement wicks for the bamboo torches at £3.60 for a pack of two. The
are available in three heights, 65cm, 120cm and 140cm.

You fill the torches with lamp oil and they will burn will a bright flame for hours.
Use either plain lamp oil or our citronella scented lamp oil.
If you want colour try our trumpet flares which come with a wonderful choice of summer colours.  They burn for approximately 5 hours, which is a long lasting time for a garden flare!

trumpet garden flares

wedding venue with bamboo flare

Outdoor candle ideas – summer is finally here

Thank goodness the sun seems to have arrived and we can start the glorious season of barbeques again.  We have a huge range of citronella candles, outdoor hurricane lamps bamboo torches and garden flares, well worth a look at our outdoor candle section.

I will do some blogs on our flares and citronella candles and hurricane lamps  soon, but today I just want to hightlight a couple of T light holders newly added to our site which are ideal for the garden.  Of course the great promblem with garden candle light is the wind, so any candle holder which shields the flame is
jute bolsius holder                          relight holder
Both these candle holder fit the bill perfectly.  The one of the left has a jute base and the one on the right concrete.  The concrete based one is designed to be used either with a t light or our wonderful coloured plastic refills which burn for about 24 hours and available in 8 colours.


turquoise refill candlesPink Refill Candles

Our refill candles, which come in a 8 different colours can be found in our T light Section