Outdoor candle ideas – summer is finally here

Thank goodness the sun seems to have arrived and we can start the glorious season of barbeques again.  We have a huge range of citronella candles, outdoor hurricane lamps bamboo torches and garden flares, well worth a look at our outdoor candle section.

I will do some blogs on our flares and citronella candles and hurricane lamps  soon, but today I just want to hightlight a couple of T light holders newly added to our site which are ideal for the garden.  Of course the great promblem with garden candle light is the wind, so any candle holder which shields the flame is
jute bolsius holder                          relight holder
Both these candle holder fit the bill perfectly.  The one of the left has a jute base and the one on the right concrete.  The concrete based one is designed to be used either with a t light or our wonderful coloured plastic refills which burn for about 24 hours and available in 8 colours.


turquoise refill candlesPink Refill Candles

Our refill candles, which come in a 8 different colours can be found in our T light Section





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