How to burn candles…

Ok. I know light a match and sit back and relax!!  Actually all candles  burn differently and apart from safety considerations you
should follow a few simple guidelines to get the most from your candles.

Firstly, Pillar Candles. All candles are no more or less than a controlled fire.  Pillar candles are usually made with an outer layer of wax which is harder and of a higher melting point than the inner wax which forms a shell as the candle burns down.

To make sure your candle can be easily relit and does not smoke or drip we advise the following:-

1. First, be sure you are burning your pillars out to within 1/4 inch of the sidewall (edge). Otherwise, you run the risk of “tunnelling” your candle. Most manufacturers recommend burning your candle for about 2 hours  in diameter – thus a 60mm diameter candle should burn for about 6 hours before extinguishing,  . Aways leave the candle alight for long enough for the pool of wax to reach the outer edge of the candle. If you do not do this the candle will probably smoke when you relight it.  If you candle tunnels and you are left with a tall wax wall, trim the excess wax off whilst is is still warm but with the candle unlit.
2. After putting the candle out always make sure the wick is upright and in the middle of the candle. The best way of extinguishing a candle is to dip the wick down into the wax and lift it back up again.
3. Never leave foreign objects, such as used matches, in the candle, They can burn like a wick and both ruin the candle and
be dangerous,
4. Never put pillar candles too close together. always leave at least 2 cms between each candle.
5. If the flame of the candle flares out at the top it is smoking. Take a pair of scissors and trim the wick.
6. Always put candles on suitable holders and make sure that the surface they are on is level.
7. Do not burn in a above picture shows how NOT to do it.
a. The candles positioned too close together.
b. Old matches have been left in the candle.
c. The candle on the left is smoking (notice the flame is flared out at the top).
d. The candle on the rights has tunnelled.

How to burn container candles.
1. For best results let the candle burn long enough so that it is within 10mm from the edge of the glass or tin.
2. Keep the wick trimmed to no more than 1cm.
3. Container candles are best when not burnt for much more than four hours at a time.
4. Throw them out when there is about 10mm left in the bottom of the container, this prevents the bottom becoming too hot.
5. Always burn on a level surface.
6, If putting a candle into a glass jar or hurricane lamp always make sure than you clean out any wax when you remove the candle. Putting a candle onto old wax will mean the candle may not be level.  If a flame touches the edge of the glass the glass will break!

How to burn Dinner Candles
Always use a suitable candle holder.
2. Never burn in a draught – they will drip.  We do sell drip rings which are great if you cannot avoid a bit of a breeze.  If you buy our classic self fitting candles then you can use our candle followers which shade the flame as the candle burns down and prevents dripping.
3.Keep the wick trimmed.

Self fitting classic candles

Self fitting classic candles

Candle gutterer

Candle gutterer or follower

Candle drip ring

Candle Drip Ring











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