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How to remove wax stains

If you have been careless with your candles and not yet read our guide to candle burning, you may be left with stains on either your clothing, tablecloths or carpets or wooden flooring.   Do not despair!  It is usually possible to completely remove the wax.
wax on carpet
1.  Let the wax cool.  If possible put your clothing in the fridge, if it is on a carpet do not touch it until it is absolutely cold.  If it is a carpet or wooden floor a bag of ice cubes or frozden peas on the stain first will help!

2. If it is on wooden flooring it may work to wipe the wax off with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol (test a small area first in case it affects the wood varnish).   If not proceed as if it is a carpet, making sure you never leave the iron on the surface long enough to burn the wood.

  1. Scrape off all the wax you can.It helps if it is on material or scrunch it up in your hand and then prise all the wax you can see off. If it is on a carpet gently scrape off the excess wax with a knife (or plastic spatula if the spillage is on a wooden floor).
    scraping wax off carpet

    4. Iron out the wax remaining.  Do this buy using either paper towel or blotting paper.  Place several layers of paper towel underneath the material. (of course you cannot do this if it is a carpet).  Then place paper towel over the wax and iron the wax stain.  The wax will be drawn up into the tissue and
    you will have to do it several times, replaying the paper towel as you go, before the wax has completely removed.  Keep going until there is no more wax left on your paper towel.
    Ironing stain from carpet

5. Depending on the colour of the wax you now may or may not be left with a residual stain of the dye used in making the candle.  If on material most stain removers should get it off, then wash as normal.  If on white material you can use diluted bleach to help it on its way.  If on a carpet you will have to try a carpet stain remover, which may work. No guarantees.
carpet wax stain cleaned

How to use Microwave to Create Scented Candles

We are introducing an amazing new product which enables you to create beautiful candles using old (or new) cooking oil.   Called the Greatest Candle in the World It comes in a tin which contains scented candle powder, wick holders  and candle wicks and a scoop for measuring the powder.
The greatest candle in the world

Microwave candle old oil

You will also need:-
a. A glass to make the scented candle in.
b. A metal tin or baking tray (just to keep things tidy!)
c) Approximately 100ml Cooking Oil (used or new).
d.A jug or container in a microwaveable material (glass or ceramic). It will be hot when it comes out of the microwave so use a container with a handle.
Making the Candle:-
(only if you are using up old oil, if using fresh cooking oil skip this step).  Filter you oil oil through a coffee filter or small screened colander.  If possible let the oil rest for 24 hours before recycling it to make sure the old particles are separated from the oil.
2. Pour the oil into the jug and pour one heaped scoop of scented wax powder/
3. Microwave for 1-2 minutes on Medium power
4. Using your oven glove remove from microwave and add a further 2 heaped scoops and stir until dissolved.

Stirring the microwave candle5.Pour the oil/candle powder mix into your glass.
6. Place the candle wick using the cardboard wick holder into the oil/wax. Be care as the oil will be HOT. Use a pencil or other long object to make sure the wick is placed centrally at the bottom of the glass.
Microwave scented candle 7. Let the candle cool until solid (this does not take long, 5 to 10 minutes).
Now you have a lovely scented candle!  The kit contains enough ingredients to make at least six candles. Please watch our video on you tube



Using Candle Accessories

We all have times when your candle does not fit into your holder, when dinner candles drip, when an old T light seems impossible to remove.  We have several accessories which make it easier for you.
1.  Candle Tongs. A brilliant gadget. A long tong for lifting  T lights out of tall containers.
T light tong
2.  Drip rings.  We love these, they look good and are a godsend when you have no alternative but to burn candles in a bit of a draught.
candle drip ring
3.  Candle Sharpener. Another useful item, use if your dinner candle is too thick for its holder.  It works like a giant like a pencil sharpener.
candle sharpener
3. Candle Gutterer or Follower,for use with straight sided dinner candles (like our classics candles with self fitting bases).   It follows the candle down as it  burns providing a protective shade for the flame, again ideal when you cannot avoid burning candles in a draught.
candle gutterer
7. Gas Lighters, much better than matches as it ensures you do not leave match ends in your candle.   It is long with a rotatable lighting end, perfect for candles when it is hard to reach the wick.
8. Candle Lighting Tapers.  These have been around for years of course.   A 30cm taper, again useful for lighting candles in awkward places.
8. Snuffers. Snuffers are really useful for putting out dinner candles and candles that are out of reach.  Blowing a candle out if not really a good idea, you can inadvertently blow molten wax over your clothing or surfaces.  Of course the best way to put a pillar candle out is to dip the wick back into the pool of molten wax and bring it up again making sure it is centered.
candle snuffer
9. Candle Flower Rings.   They sit prettily at the base of the candle and come in several designs.
candle flower ring

10. Stickum  Small blobs of soft wax that you put under a dinner candle to make them sit securely in their holder.


How to use oil and oil lamps

How to use  Oil Lamps and Pure Refined Lamp Oil.

1. Lamp Oil. Our pure refined lamp oil is very clean and long burning. It is impossible
to give an accurate burning time as much will depend on the size of the wick etc. However as a very rough guide about .05 of a litre will burn about 1 hour, so it is a very economical way of giving out a warm flickering light. Pour it carefully into your oil lamps, we sell a small plastic funnel which makes it easier.

small round oil lamp           glass-covered-wick          

2. Wicks. Candles on the web sell a variety of wick for oil lamps. Make sure
that the wick is always dry. It should be about 2-3mm above the wick holder. This is not
artibitary but gives an idea. You will soon see once lit if the lamp is burning with too small or large a flame. Every now and again if carbon has accumulated on the top trim it slightly.
If you find it difficult threading a new wick through its container stiffen it by wrapping celloptape around the top. Make sure you  remove the celloptape before you light the lamp!

3. Coloured Lamp Oil. Since 2009 the EU has forbidden the sale of coloured lamp oilin bottles. However we sell small bottled of coloured tint which are great, especially since you can mix the colours
N-Oil-tints                      lamp with coloured oil


4. We do not advise scenting the oil in any way as scented oil burnt in an oil lamp does not produce much scent! This is because in order for the scent to diffuse you would need a well of hot oil which of course an ordinary oil lamp does not have as the oil burns straight off the wick.

How to make your own wedding favour candles

A1smallgoldringThis is really easy, and economical!  This shows a 60 x 40mm bulk buy candle, which work out at just 38p each, a gold applique wax ring which costs .65p and two sheets of water slide decal paper which will add £2,00 to the total, making a wonderful personalised wedding favour for only £1.23!!  So- lets begin….

The first thing to do is to print out your labels using an ink jet printer and our decal paper.
For those of your who are not that computer literate open up Word. Then go to file and start a new document.  Then click the mailing tab at the top, then the label icon.  Choose the size of the label you need, how many rows and columns.  Now type in your names and the wedding date in one label and centre it. Then all you have to do is copy and paste to fill out the entire sheet.

Laels for Wedding Favours   lanbels for candle wedding favours cutting the water slide transfer  spraying varnish deca                                 

soaking-the-decal   decal onto candle  smoothing-the-decal-on-candlewax-gold-ring


Once printed spray the sheet with any matt varnish.  We do not sell this but you can buy it in any craft shops.  I buy mine from Amazon and it costs around £4.00 a can.  Wait until the varnish is dry (the purpose of the varnish is to prevent the ink smudging). Then soak the label in a bowl of water for a few minutes. Take it out of the bowl and  gently slide it off its backing onto the candle.  Smooth out any bubbles or creases gently with a soft cloth or tissue.

Ok, that is  it apart from gently taking a gold ring wax applique  from its backing and pressing it  firmly onto the candle.  They will look really prettyon your weddking tables either on your own, or you can put them in a small organza bag.

One last point!  Of course you  do not have to use the smallest candle, any size will do.  Also the same technique looks great as a wedding table centerpiece!

Please Visit our Candle Wedding Favour Page




Add atmosphere to your wedding with candle arrangements

For many brides to be the coming weeks are the time to organise important finishing touches for the big day. A spring or summer wedding offers a perfect opportunity to create both a breathtaking indoor and outdoor setting for guests. Creating the perfect atmosphere for the transition through day to dusk can easily be achieved with the use of subtle candlelight, with candles providing a decorative talking point too.

floating for weddings     hurricane lamps for weddings   bulk holders for weddings  piller candles for weddings
The possibilities for displays are endless, limited only by your imagination.
The use of candles throughout the venue delivers a perfect way of enhancing the
ambience and style of a wedding setting, but also allows the creation of those little touches which leave a lasting impression.
Whatever you choose, sets of white pillar candles, floating candles in bowls, or T lights
take advantage of our BULK DISCOUNT CANDLE sections where you can buy  our
candles and candle holders at wholesale prices and you will save £ssss!

Scented candles throughout the venue can complement the
fragrance of wedding flowers with intoxicating scent as the party flows in; floating candles amongst petals or confetti offer a simple yet effective alternative to the
more traditional table.

Lanterns, or hurricane lamps offer a timeless elegance to a table setting, and can be
filled with glass beads or other firesafe materials. Breathtaking effects can be created when combined with props, but be careful to place candles in/on suitable candle holders,
safety must always come first.

It’s always best to check in advance that your venue permits the use of lit flame
candles to save any possible disappointment on the day. All is not lost should this pose a
problem; fantastically realistic options are available in LED  battery candles  from
Candles On The Web    electric candles for weddings
We offer the UK’s most comprehensive range of candles and
accessories for weddings and other special occasions. To celebrate the launch of our
revamped website, we’re delighted to offer a 10% discount on all orders over £15.00 until
1st May.16. Simply enter promotional code 1066 at checkout.
For more ideas on how to create your dream setting with candles, why not head over
to our Pintrest Wedding Inspiration board?

We will be adding pages to this blog soon with more wedding hints on how to display floating candles, how to create beautiful candle centerpieces,   how to make your own wedding
favours and much much more.