Using Candle Accessories

We all have times when your candle does not fit into your holder, when dinner candles drip, when an old T light seems impossible to remove.  We have several accessories which make it easier for you.
1.  Candle Tongs. A brilliant gadget. A long tong for lifting  T lights out of tall containers.
T light tong
2.  Drip rings.  We love these, they look good and are a godsend when you have no alternative but to burn candles in a bit of a draught.
candle drip ring
3.  Candle Sharpener. Another useful item, use if your dinner candle is too thick for its holder.  It works like a giant like a pencil sharpener.
candle sharpener
3. Candle Gutterer or Follower,for use with straight sided dinner candles (like our classics candles with self fitting bases).   It follows the candle down as it  burns providing a protective shade for the flame, again ideal when you cannot avoid burning candles in a draught.
candle gutterer
7. Gas Lighters, much better than matches as it ensures you do not leave match ends in your candle.   It is long with a rotatable lighting end, perfect for candles when it is hard to reach the wick.
8. Candle Lighting Tapers.  These have been around for years of course.   A 30cm taper, again useful for lighting candles in awkward places.
8. Snuffers. Snuffers are really useful for putting out dinner candles and candles that are out of reach.  Blowing a candle out if not really a good idea, you can inadvertently blow molten wax over your clothing or surfaces.  Of course the best way to put a pillar candle out is to dip the wick back into the pool of molten wax and bring it up again making sure it is centered.
candle snuffer
9. Candle Flower Rings.   They sit prettily at the base of the candle and come in several designs.
candle flower ring

10. Stickum  Small blobs of soft wax that you put under a dinner candle to make them sit securely in their holder.


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