Pond Candles

One of the most exciting ways of making a venue unique is to use candles on a lake or a pond.   You get wonderful reflections  in the water and I have seen them at outdoor wedding receptions where they make a wonderful addition to the atmosphere.
floating pond candles

There are three ways of doing this:-
1. Buy pond candles online.  These are especially large floating candles made especially for use on water.
2. Make your own!  You will need
a. A mould. Use tin foil cake tins, or a small metal bowl

metal bowl for floating candle tin foil mould for floating cand

b.  A cooking thermometer
c.  Double saucepan or metal bowl over a saucepan of wagter
d.  About 200 gramms wax and stearin mix, or 180gms of paraffin wax with 20gms of stearin added.
e.  Wick, the size will depend on the width of the mold you are using but I would suggest about 60mm or 2.5″.
a.   Heat the wax to 180F in your double boiler or metal bowl over water.
b. Take a length of wick and dip it in the wick, take it out and pull it straight.
This is called ‘priming’ the wick and will ensure that it is ready waxed and stiff.
c.  Pour about 10mm or 1/4″ of wax in to the base of the mould.  Wait until it is almost set then push one end of the wick down into the centre of the wax.
d. Place a stick of across the top of the mould (a chop stick is ideal), and fold the wick gently over it.
e.  Pour in wax to the top of the mould at 180F.
f.   When it is nearly set prick the surface to expose any air bubbles.
g.  Top it up with hot wax at 180f.
h. When completely set take it out of the mould.
3. Float T lights in foil containers.
T light floating foil container

So light up your water and your event!








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