Use Church Candles Outside

Because church candles are made of harder wax and have larger wicks than pillar candles they are ideal for burning outside.  Of course it is really important that they are placed securely into a container.  I had great fun designing this project which uses church candles in a terracotta plant pot to give a dramatic and safe display.  This project is ONLY suitable for outside use, please do not try it inside as church candles tend to smoke unless their wicks are kept scrupulously trimmed, and burning several of them together is not a good idea candles alight in potYou will need:- 
1. A selection of 7 2″ diameter church candles. I chose 6″ x 2″, 9″ x 2″ and 12″ x 2″.
2. An oblong terracotta pot
3. Some ivy.
4. Some sand (earth will do just as well).
1st Step

church candle with ivy
Pour about 15 cm of earth or sand into the terracotta pot. You need a decent depth to give height and also to ensure that the candles are firmly fixed.
2nd Step

terracotta pot for candles
Damped the earth or sand with water.  This will ensure  that the ivy does not dry out and that the candles will sit securely.
3rd step
ivy for church candles
Place some ivy  cuttings in the soil or sand. It looks good when you leave some draping over the edge of the pot.
4th Step
placing church candles in pot
Place the candles in the pot. This picture is a little misleading as the candles would really be at least 2cm apart as in the picture at the top of this page.  It does’t matter so much of course when candles are being burnt outside, but if placed too close together they will drip horribly!
Please make sure that you put the post somewhere where it will be safe from being knocked over, away from inflammable material hanging leaves) and that the display is not within the reach of children.

Finally light the candles and brighten up your barbeque!



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