Celebrate with giant sparkler flares.

ice fountain flare

We call them celebration flares because they are perfect for special occasions.  They are also known as desert flares or ice candle fountains.  Use them at weddings, birthdays,anniversaries, surprise parties and they always produce a smile!  They are perfectly safe for indoor use, and virtually smoke free.   They burn with a really impressive stream of sparkley flame which shoots out from the silver  tube container.  Watch as they sparkle and sizzle for about 45 seconds!  Ours are high quality, easy to light and burn no hotter than a candle. They are non toxic (Namas tested, non toxic and safe around food)

They come with a little pointed plastic container at their base so you can put the directly into the desert, cake etc.. Alternatively I often wrap a baked potato in foil and place that beside the cake.
base celebration flare

How to use our Celebration Flares safely!
Mount the fountain and spiked holder firmly in the cake or dessert, preferably on a metal tray so that it is fully supported.  Do not place the fountain in soft cream or any food if it is likely to fall over when burning.
They are for use in cakes, desserts, ice creams etc, in well ventilated rooms.  They are not to be used near to or above flammable articles, table cloths, clothing, hair, glazed china or pottery where damage may result from falling particles.  They conform to European Standard EN14035-15. and burn no hotter than a candle.
Never hold the flare when it is alight, and use only under adult supervision.  The tube will remain hot after use,
They cost £2.50 each, and we can now offer them as a bulk discount item at £43.20 for a case of 24, which works out at £1.80 each.

To watch our video showing what the celebration flares look like as they burn please click HERE

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